Advancing maternal pet care through AI


The Pregnancy Monitoring Module uses AI and machine learning algorithms to help pet owners monitor their dog throughout the pregnancy lifecycle

Photo: Tatyana Gladskih/Adobe Stock

Photo: Tatyana Gladskih/Adobe Stock

Evaluating the health of maternal pets can be expensive and involve invasive procedures.1 In dogs, pregnancy detection and assessment can involve trans-abdominal palpation, abdominal ultrasounds, or abdominal radiographs, which can be costly for the pet owner.2 A new tool—the Pregnancy Monitoring Module—for monitoring dogs throughout the pregnancy lifecycle with artificial intelligence (AI) was recently introduced. The module is expected to facilitate and improve the accuracy of maternal pet care by providing real-time insights, minimizing complications, and predicting whelping within a window of 10 days to 12 hours before labor.1

The Pregnancy Monitoring Module was developed by PetPace, a pet health monitoring company that develops wearable technology for pets powered by AI and machine learning. The PetPace Pregnancy Monitoring Module employs AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver near real-time updates to pet owners of expecting pets. Moreover, it alerts owners of warning signs that could necessitate medical attention and offers timely forecasts for whelping. The module underwent rigorous clinical testing, involving numerous dogs.1

The module will allow owners to offer their pets and newborn pups care that is guided by data-driven insights, according to the company. “The Pregnancy Monitoring Module will allow our users to deepen their commitment to their pets' health and step further into their roles as caretakers. The precision of these predictions helps to narrow down the time of whelping, allowing for better preparedness by the owners,” Asaf Dagan, DVM, Dip ABVP, PetPace co-founder, said in a news release.1

The tool functions across 3 stages1:

  1. Learning Stage: Collection of vital health data to create an AI-powered biometric baseline for evaluation throughout the pregnancy.
  2. Gestation Health Monitoring Stage: Continuous tracking of the mother’s health data, with activated alerts for any negative health indicators.
  3. Whelping Time Alerts Stage: Alerts owners within a 10-day to 12-hour window before labor begins.

“I’m excited to see such accuracy of data collection and analytics during the gestational period all the way up to the moment of whelping. I believe that this revolutionary technology will be extremely valuable for researchers and breeders,” Smadar Tal, DVM, Dip. ECAR, PhD, renowned reproduction expert who guided and oversaw the study, said in the release.1

The Pregnancy Monitoring Module study was showcased in a poster presentation during the last week of June 2024 at the 25th European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction (EVSSAR) Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, with Asaf Dagan, co-founder of PetPace, delivering an oral presentation that week.1


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