The doctor and the brick

A veterinarian’s keen eye saved not just a mare and filly that Sunday night, but also a long-lost treasure.

Study links bone loss to proximal sesamoid fractures in racehorses

Results of this retrospective study of California racehorses may mean that one day this type of fracture can be prevented.

The unexpected joys of Friday afternoon

An afternoon of errands turns into a full-on gamble—with wins all around.

First cloned Przewalski’s horse brings hope for species revival

The colt, born at a Texas veterinary hospital, sheds light on the importance of genetic rescue of endangered wildlife species.

Texas practitioner named as new AAEP vice president

Earlier this month, the American Association of Equine Practitioners announced the appointment of Dr. Rob Franklin as its new vice president.

146th Kentucky Derby to run without fans

Churchill Downs has announced that the 146th Kentucky Derby will be run on September 5, 2020, but there will be no fans in attendance.