PetVivo welcomes new senior research director


Thomas Yarbrough, DVM, DACVS, brings 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine

PetVivo Holdings, Inc, an emerging biomedical device company focused on the commercialization of innovative medical devices and therapeutics for companion animals and animal athletes, announced in a company release1 that Thomas Yarbrough, DVM, DACVS has accepted a position as its new senior research director.

"Tom is a key addition to our research and development team,” said John Lai, chief executive officer of PetVivo Holdings, Inc, in the release. “Tom’s prior experiences as an experienced practicing veterinarian and investigative scientist in the equine and small animal sectors provides our team a known leader in the industry as well as a tremendous research resource for our company.”1

Yarbrough has been working as an equine surgeon for 30 years, but began his career working in research under Hari Reddi, PhD, at the Center for Tissue Regeneration and repair at the University of California, Davis medical center. His research with Hari centered around an understanding of the changing genetic expression in chondrocytes as they reformed their new nanostructure when suspended in materials for later use in joint resurfacing. According to the release, this research has involved projects from the use and development of robotics in surgical applications and advanced imaging to testing and optimization of novel medications and devices for the management of osteoarthritis.

At PetVivo, Yarbrough will focus on joint physiology and biology to expand the company’s knowledge of horses with joint pain. Yarbrough will also take an in depth look at PetVivo’s Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology, an intra-articular injectable veterinary device that addresses the root cause of lameness issues—missing and damaged cartilage.2

“I am very excited to join the PetVivo manufacturing, research and development team to assist in better understanding their innovative veterinary medical device, Spryng with OsteoCushion Technology, as well as participate in the development and commercialization of the Company’s new life changing therapeutic products” said Yarbrough in the release. “I believe PetVivo’s platform technology has the potential to improve the medical outcome of humans and animals that suffer from one or more debilitating afflictions related to joint dysfunction or abnormality, thereby enhancing their lives.”1


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