Updates on equine anesthesia safety


In a dvm360® interview, San Diego Fetch faculty member, Dr Bryce Dooley, reviews the latest in this sphere of veterinary medicine

During a dvm360® interview, San Diego Fetch faculty member Bryce Dooley, DVM, MS, DACVAA, explains the latest advancements in technology, equipment, and more to ensure horses recover successfully from anesthesia.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Bryce Dooley, DVM, MS, DACVAA: A lot of what all of equine anesthesia is trying to do is how can we optimize the intraoperative management of equine anesthesia...to make sure that their recovery can be as good as possible. And so this is coming from things like, using co-infusions to reduce the inhalant requirement. But also trying to decide, okay, when when do we need to turn off these infusions?

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