Animal Welfare

The sound of music in veterinary medicine

Certain musical tones and melodies have proven to elicit calming responses in animals. Learn how music therapy can benefit your pets and patients.

Caring for disabled pets: balancing medicine and compassion

The equipment and resources available today for disabled pets ensures that they can enjoy an excellent quality of life, but the veterinarian plays an integral role in ensuring a successful outcome.

Report recommends actions to save Australian wildlife from cats

With cats wreaking havoc on the country’s wildlife, the Australian government has proposed recommendations intended to ensure the continued survival of native species and ecological communities.

PetSmart Charities commits $10 million to tackle pet food insecurity

The organization’s mission is to keep pets and their owners together during these unprecedented times, thus avoiding rehousing or relinquishing of animals to shelters.

The Dilemma: temper, temper!

Should a team member be fired for one isolated incident of physical abuse toward a seemingly aggressive patient during these stressful, unprecedented times?

PetSmart Charities commits $2.1 million to assist at-risk pet parents

The organization has distributed grants to animal welfare organizations and social services agencies throughout the US and Canada to help people fleeing domestic violence during COVID-19.