Animal Welfare

ElleVet endeavor provides free veterinary care to vulnerable pets

The two-month mobile relief mission has provided veterinary care for hundreds of pets owned by the homeless and those who became vulnerable in the wake of COVID-19 in California.

Neonatal nursing care for high-risk puppies and kittens

Newborn puppies and kittens can become compromised quickly. Here’s what you need to know when caring for these fragile animals.

The terrible toll of the Australian bushfires on native wildlife

With the loss of well over a billion mammals, birds and reptiles, the Australian government has so far committed AUD $200 million to help native wildlife and their habitats recover from this devastating natural disaster.

Animal shelters affected by COVID-19 to receive much-needed grants

Animal shelters throughout the U.S. have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, particularly when it comes to funding sources. Two veterinary industry organizations have stepped up to help.

Struggle to snuggle: The impact of cat allergens on cat owners

New survey results show that cat owners who suffer from pet-related allergies are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their feline family members.