Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD

Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Tennessee


No solid evidence behind all-natural parasite products

What can general practitioners say for sure about all-natural, organic veterinary parasite preventives? Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD, says not much.

Tick-borne diseases in humans: The One Health approach

Veterinary professionals beware: tick-borne diseases are on the rise in both humans and animals. Brush up on identifying ticks, diagnosing the diseases they transmit, and treating and preventing them from spreading.

Toxoplasma gondii in the Arctic food supply

Maybe its just a feeling in your gut, but are you seeing more intestinal parasite cases in veterinary practice? Fetch dvm360 educator Dr. Richard Gerhold shares a few strange or disturbing happenings with these pet scourges.

Which cats need heartworm prevention? All of them

The heartworm disease landscape isn't what it used to be, which is why its so important for the veterinary field to get on the same updated page and prioritize prevention for cats.