Toxoplasma gondii in the Arctic food supply


Maybe its just a feeling in your gut, but are you seeing more intestinal parasite cases in veterinary practice? Fetch dvm360 educator Dr. Richard Gerhold shares a few strange or disturbing happenings with these pet scourges.

You think about Toxoplasma gondii when it comes to cat feces and pregnant women. Now, folks who hunt and eat local meat in the Arctic Circle are having to think about this in their food supply, according to Fetch dvm360 educator Richard Gerhold, DVM, MS, PhD.

And, uh-oh, resistance in hookworms to pyrantel and fenbendazole parasiticides?

"Overall, we're just seeing a resurgence in intestinal parasites," Dr. Gerhold says.

Get the scoop straight from the expert's mouth in the video below.

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