Penny for your thoughts?


Well, a LOT of pennies for your thoughts. As in, well pay you for the brilliant problem-solving ideas youve come up with within the veterinary world.

Photo: Shutterstock.comYeah, we get it sounds oxymoronic, but we're here with some free money for you. We're serious! You've been in the game a long time. Even fresh off the veterinary school boat, we're sure you've come across your fair share of problems-and tricky solutions that make your life that much easier. Let's go through what we're looking for.

Idea Exchange

Whether it's clinical or management tips or useful forms to help save time and better serve your patients and clients, we want to show it off to the world. We pay $50 for every idea we publish and $75 for video submissions.

Give us the deets here.

Pearls of Practice

When it comes to the veterinary team, we're sure you've had a few lightbulbs go off. Tell us about that innovative tip you've used to help your practice run more efficiently, educate clients or bring your team together. We-and our dear readers-are dying to know! There's a $50 payday for you if we publish your great idea.

Share your brilliant tip here.

Practice Tips

You've got quick advice and useful tips you put into practice in your, err, practice. We've got tons of readers who want to know what business, team management or client relationship solutions you've come up with that they can apply as well. We'll give you $50 for every tip we publish.

Get started here.

Introducing … Student Tip Center

We know that even before you graduate veterinary school you'll be faced with problems galore. And, knowing you, we know you've surely found solutions to most-if not all-of those problems. Whether it's a study tip, money-saving hack or an idea to ease the stress of student life, we want to hear it! Land a cool $50 for every tip we publish.

Let's make some magic.

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