Fetch dvm360 conference keynote: Not all heroes wear capes


Come to a keynote just as super as you are, presented by best-selling author Susan Cain.

Veterinary professionals are superheroes, whether they recognize it or not. Among them, Alane Cahalane, DVM, MA, DACVS, is a veterinary surgeon who acknowledges those powers, and the great responsibility that comes with them. “Being a surgeon truly is a great superpower, and sometimes I get to use those powers,” she says in a recent TEDx Talk.

At Fetch dvm360 conference in Baltimore, Dr. Cahalane will give a keynote speech, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, that will inspire and instill hope and passion to her fellow heroes of vet med. Her greatest piece of advice? Being a superhero isn't all about the cape you wear. “Being a surgeon is a great superpower, but it's not about the scrubs and it's not about the instruments or the diagnostics-it's about the people that surround me. No superhero exists in a vacuum. We all rely on the people around us,” she says.

Check out her amazing story-from becoming a veterinarian to saving captive moon bears in China-at the Fetch dvm360 conference in Baltimore, May 2-5. Learn more about the upcoming Fetch dvm360 conference at fetchdvm360.com/baltimore.

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