Doodle: A quick count cycle for your veterinary drug inventory

March 5, 2018
Hannah Wagle, Associate Content Specialist

If you have a pulse and dread the days spent counting inventory, this is the doodle for you.

Editor's note: This doodle was created based on a recent blog post. You can read it and find more information on cycle counting (and more!) here.

The dread hour is nigh: It's time for an inventory count. Hours, even days, spent counting products, medications and whatever else needs to be kept track of in your veterinary clinic. Don't worry, Nicole Clausen of Veterinary Care Logistics knows exactly how you feel. That's why she's taken the time to introduce the concept of cycle counting. Don't have time to read the whole blog? We've trimmed it down and turned it into a doodle for you. Click on the doodle to download a copy for yourself.