Veterinary cage-card diaries: Ivan the Terrible


Some cage cards are straight forward. Some are a little more clever. Some are just downright hilarious. And we turned our favorite into a visual.

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We asked our Instagram followers what their favorite cage cards have been during their time as veterinary professionals. Unsurprisingly, there were tons of classics (“Hello, my name is Scooter. I am the spawn of Satan. I will attack you every chance I get!” or our personal favorite, “Feed outside! Food goes in, sh*t comes out-IMMEDIATELY!”).

However, the cage card that Instagram user @leftoverwordsoup brought to our attention was one that really stuck out.

“Beware, his name is Ivan the Terrible for good reason,” she said the cage card read. “(Blood splatters [were] all over [the] page and half the page [was] shredded). This was on the cage of the tiniest, cutest-looking rabbit ever.”

Using our imagination and some art supplies, we recreated what we think that may have looked like. Behold, the aptly named Ivan the Terrible!

Do you have a favorite cage card? Comment below or email us at!

(illustrated by Hannah Wagle; inspired by Instagram user @leftoverwordsoup)

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