Common misconceptions about diversity, plus improving visibility

Fetch Virtual keynote speaker Dr Pam Hale sheds light on some misconceptions about diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine, plus offers strategies for boosting the visibility of Black veterinarians.

Diversity is a hot topic in veterinary medicine, one that Pam Hale, DVM, Destination Pet’s chief medical officer and a graduate of the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine, holds near and dear to her heart. As a Black veterinarian in a leadership position, she's determined to use her platform to help others understand the dire need for more visibility of minorities in this profession.

During a recent interview with dvm360, Hale, also one of the 3 May Fetch Virtual keynote speakers, broke down some common misconceptions about diversity and offered strategies for bringing everyone to the table from all backgrounds, specialties, genders, and roles within veterinary medicine.

She started by explaining that when people think of diversity, they often think of just race and gender, but according to Hale, diversity also includes the types of medicine that you practice, your role, and more. She also offered insight on inclusion, explaining that to improve the visibility of Black veterinarians, you have to purposely seek them out when you're looking to fill roles at your practice.

Watch the video below for more of Hale's thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the veterinary profession.