How cats and veterinary professionals overlap: A dvm360 Venn diagram

September 12, 2019
Adrienne Wagner, Content Marketing Director

You might be a dog person, but lets be real, you are a human cat. The similarities are just too great.

Illustration by Adrienne Wagner


These are just a couple examples of veterinary professionals' similarities with our feline friends. And it's funny because it's true.

But on a more serious note-long work hours and continued exposure to high levels of stress are factors in the lives of many veterinarians. Back in 2015, Steve Noonan, DVM, CPCC, a management consultant, counselor, mindfulness instructor and professional life coach in Guelph, Ontario, Canada wrote, "This profession continues to propagate a culture of overwork resulting in a lack of sleep and an abundance of stress. In fact, we've been selected for our resilience and ability to tolerate these conditions. They are forced upon us as veterinary students, interns and residents. But the cumulative effects of poor sleep will continue to take their toll until we do something different."

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