Ear cases getting you down? Shake it off.


Famous (and famously funny) dermatologist Dr. Paul Bloom is here with genius tips that are both practical and clinicaland sure to help you with those frustrating otitis cases.

Dogs are liars.

We've all seen dogs who come to our practices for routine exams that have ear disease-which is why you have to make checking ears a priority, says Dr. Bloom, even when the client swears the dog isn't showing clinical signs. Listen to his tips in this clip.

We're undertreating ears and it's (partly) our fault.

Perpetuating factors of otitis externa come down to one root cause: Undertreatment of ears. Dr. Bloom suggests a few ways you can get better at rechecks in this clip.


Ear problems make you wanna shoot yourself.

We've all been there … you have a bad day and something scathingly honest slips out of your mouth. Dr. Bloom understands the frustration when it comes to treating ears-after all, a dog can "have pus pouring out its ears" and the owners barely blink an eye. Hear his impromptu script on talking to clients about ear issues.


Quit plucking that hair.

In which Dr. Bloom warns against the rampant plucking of hair from dogs with normal, noninfected ears. Don't do it. This is why. 


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