Share this on your veterinary practice's social media channels: Pumpkin spice and toxic vice

November 1, 2019
Adrienne Wagner, Content Marketing Director

Start the conversation before Bella eats a bad mushroom. With the help from our partners at Pet Poison Helpline, we created a social-media-ready cartoon illustrating the toxic dangers of autumn for dogs and cats.

We're in peak fall season-and there's no better time to remind veterinary clients that certain dangerous pet toxins abound during this time of year. We worked with Pet Poison Helpline to create a definitive list of fall-time toxins pets might encounter, plus, treatments associated for each toxicosis.  

But there's more you can do to get the word out-why not share the cartoon below on your practice's social media channels? This way you can start the conversation before Bella eats a bad mushroom. 

Click the cartoon to download a full-size PDF.

As with any season, the potential toxic exposures and hazards prevalent in the fall can be avoided with a little prudence by the pet owner regarding storage and placement of dangerous foods and household items. With thoughtful preparation, the gifts of this season may be enjoyed without harm to animals. Sometimes, however, even in the best situation, toxic exposures occur and veterinary poison control centers such as the Pet Poison Helpline are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist veterinarians with these cases.