What's money, anyway?


A lesson in spending for veterinary professionals.

Illustration by Adrienne Wagner.

To all the Emilys out there: We salute you for your choice to become a part of the veterinary profession (even if your parents still think you're nuts) and your dedication to your dream of caring for pets. And yet we also recognize that schools could do a better job of preparing you for staggering debt, meager starting salaries and mental health challenges you encounter on the daily.

At dvm360.com our goal is to help you solve problems but also offer our support when you need it most. And we always provide practical, straight-shooting advice that you can really take to the bank.

Last but not least-if you‘re feeling particularly burned when it comes to your own money management, check out this collection of our top 10 articles to help you better your personal finances.



When this graphic was originally published in Vetted magazine, we did not credit the artist of the original meme, SrGrafo. The dvm360 editorial team regrets this error. 

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