Pet quiz: Are these lucky dog and cat cases real or fake?

Are you a real veterinary professional if you can't tell a fake case from a real one? Youve probably seen your fair share of crazy cases involving unlucky pets that you couldnt make up if you tried. So lets test your knowledge of the most outlandish, dangerous or downright wild situations that come up in veterinary medicineare these stories real or fake? (Sponsored by Nationwide)

When the hospital owner undermines your leadership

If the hospital owner constantly discredits the guidance you provide to your veterinary team, having that uncomfortable conversation with him or her about how their behavior makes you feel could help set things straight.

AVMA: The state of the U.S. economy

As the countrys economy goes, so goes the U.S. veterinary profession. A short but important presentation at the recent AVMA Economic Summit judged important indicators green, yellow or red for Americans financial future.

No more badmouthing clients

Dealing with veterinary clients can be inspiring, exciting and also frustrating. Do you agree with this practice owner who told her staff members they need a thicker skin and more understanding when working with the pet-owning public?

Client handouts: How to avoid stress triggers for dogs and cats

Help your veterinary clients create a stress-free environment for their pets by educating them about these top stress triggers.

New resource to help veterinary college students cope after a suicide

A new resource developed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the AVMA and the AAVMC offers resources and advice for colleges of veterinary medicine when a student dies by suicide.