Caring for those who are caring for those

While charged with managing the health of 4-legged patients, veterinarians must also be cognizant of burnout in their 2-legged caregivers when those pets are sick. To do so, we must also care for ourselves.

FDA approves intratumoral injection for dogs

Stelfonta provides an additional treatment option for local mast cell tumors on or under the skin in canine patients.

Hiring new talent: Why soft skills matter

When it comes to hiring new team members at your veterinary practice, you should consider a nice balance of both technical and soft skills. Here’s why, plus how to identify key soft skills.

A Virginia boxer wins 2020 Hambone Award

This spunky pooch, who busted through a window to greet a neighbor, received the 12th annual Hambone Award for the “most unusual pet insurance claim,” presented by Nationwide.

Up your imaging game: The power of AFAST

Proper use of focused assessment with sonography for trauma, triage, and tracking (monitoring) allows clinicians to evaluate both obvious soft-tissue abnormalities and ascites in the abdomen.

Upcoming veterinary webinars: 4 free live events

These 1-hour events will address a wide array of veterinary topics including owner compliance, pet insurance, oncology, and telemedicine.