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In-house analyzers allowing you to treat patients today


See how in-house diagnostics have provided fast results, individualized treatment, and better care

Sponsored by Zoetis

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: And Dr. Clary, can you give me an example where, you know, we've had an opportunity where you've used in-house diagnostics on a patient that has really provided a good outcome?

Carl Clary, DVM: Yeah. And that almost happens if not hourly, daily. With you know, with all this advent of the veterinary shows on TV, people see some of the care that's available. And they come in our clinic expecting that care. Well, with things like the Imagyst, our in-house diagnostics, we're able to really meet a lot of those needs that maybe weren't able to meet 10 years ago. With a shortage of veterinarians, the one thing I like about the Imagyst is it kind of spreads out the specialist...lets everybody have access to them without, you know, having to go to Dallas or far away from us. It's been a game changer for me, because even if I think I know it, if I have somebody backing me up, that client has a lot more belief in my abilities.

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: Yeah. And we have clients that say, I want to treat today, not tomorrow. And I know you had an example where it was a fecal analyzer that you were using, right?

Carl Clary, DVM: Yep. In our part of the world. we probably go years without really diagnosing Giardia. Since we've had the fecal analyzer and stuff, it's a lot more common. We have a lot more animals this summer that had Giardia that I would have never diagnosed. And it's pretty neat to take in a picture that Imagyst takes...take it in here and show the client "Hey, this is how many are in there.” How many pictures of have hookworms? I had a cat where the coccidia was like 1200. Literally drives home the point, "Hey, this is what your animal has; this is how we're going to treat it." And those, I think we have a lot better client compliance with that those results because they can see it, you know, and we're such a visual society anymore. If you can't see it, you may not believe it. But can you see that picture? Like, "Oh, wow, how do we treat this?" And it’s done today; we’re not sending out for tomorrow. You know, I hear people say, well, most diarrheas will get better. I don't want diarrhea in my house for three days. I want to treat it now be done with it. And also I don't have to call the client back taking up valuable phone calls, phone time.

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA: And you think a zoonotic perspective, Dr. Penn with something like this too. I mean sometimes I would have to wait two, three days to get a stool sample back. But now you know, you're worried about zoonotic risk. So, this is a great example, just what you were just talking about, right?

Cory Penn, DVM: Absolutely. You have that report that you can literally say, "Hey, I would like to, you know...here's what we've got going on." To Dr. Clary's point, here's the medication that we're going to utilize to tailor an individualized treatment for your pet and the compliance from the pet owner, as Dr. Clary mentioned, they're going to say, "Oh, wow, yeah, we need to get this taken care of," and you can really have that face-to-face conversation. And then, you know, in that case, where you say, "Hey, I would maybe like a little guidance on a case, you know, with the Zoetis virtual laboratory, and having that access to specialists, you can really individualize that patient care for that patient with that consultation, and you can do that. For those cases where you're like, "Hey, maybe I'd like maybe a little bit of somebody from a specialist standpoint to come in here and provide me some information to help me guide that treatment plan and path moving forward.

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