Veterinary medicine and Valentine’s Day: a match made in heaven


Celebrate the month of love with these heartfelt Valentine’s Day articles.

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Valentine’s Day is a great time to reflect on how much you appreciate your patients, clients and coworkers. They might give you a hard time some days, but it’s all a labor of love right?

Need some inspiration this Valentine’s Day? Say no more. Here are a few articles that can help you show the love—or simply warm your heart.

Free valentines that could earn cash for your practice: Did you know that sending Valentine’s Day messages to your clients could lead to more moolah for your practice? Use these adorable (and free) valentines to let your clients know you’re thinking about them and to offer discounts or free add-on services. You can also use them to send friendly reminders to clients about wellness visits.

14 ways to show love to your pets: Pet owners are always looking for new ways to say “I love you” to their furry family members, and veterinary professionals are no exception. Here are a few ways you can show your own pets how much they mean to you:

Share a beer with them. Try getting your canine companion some nonalcoholic "dog beer," which is a beef- or chicken-based drink.

  • Grow your own catnip or buy wheat grass.
  • Treat your dog to low-calorie treats like peas or plain popcorn.
  • Let your indoor cat outside (but only on a leash so it doesn't get into poisonous plants or other possible hazards).
  • Check out a doggy day care in your area.

How the Vet Confessionals Project led to love: If you’re a sucker for romance, then this story is for you. One brave veterinary professional used the Vet Confessionals Project, an anonymous effort that allows veterinary professionals to express themselves freely, to share how she felt about one special coworker. She wrote a poem professing her love and adoration for the man she calls her “best friend.” The two fell in love shortly after. And here are a few more Vet Confessionals about love.

The catch-maker: Is your pooch single and ready to mingle? Well, if dogs had their own dating sites, each breed’s profiles would likely be very different. Just for fun, take a look at these cutely crafted canine dating profiles. The golden retriever’s ideal date is a “long game of catch in the park,” while the Chihuahua’s pleasures include going to her favorite bark-ery for a yummy treat.

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