8 free valentines for veterinary clients

February 5, 2016

Make veterinary clients feel all warm and fuzzy with these heartfelt-and potentially profitable-love notes.

It's that time of year again-Valentine's Day. For most, it simply means paper hearts on walls, candy dishes filled with red and pink treats, and love in the air. But for the business-savvy clinic, Valentine's day can be the ultimate marketing tool.

Make the most of this holiday by sending your clients these oh-so-cute valentines. The thoughtful message on the front will fill their hearts with joy. And if done correctly, adding a strategic message to the back will help fill your waiting room with clients. Not sure what to write? Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

• Coupons: Offer discounts on slow-moving products or free add-on services like nail trimmings with the purchase of another grooming service.

• Friendly reminders: Is Spike due for his annual wellness visit? Use these valentines to give clients a little hint that it's time for a visit.

• Referral program: Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to gain new clients. Get your current clients talking by offering incentives for every friend and or family member they refer to your practice.

• Touch point: Simply sending this little "Hello" shows clients you care.

Leave a lasting impression by writing your clinic name and a festive sign-off like "Pugs and Kisses" or "Hugs and Kittens."