Trupanion wants to save six acres of trees

dvm360dvm360 September 2019
Volume 50
Issue 9

The pet insurance carriers new Better World Initiative wants to go paperless with its new-customer certificates offered exclusively through practices like yours.

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That's Trupanion Express above, a digital solution to pet insurance that now can help do away with new-customer certificates to try out Trupanion coverage. Pet insurance is slowly growing in this country-slowly but surely-and Trupanion hopes that one less thing that will be growing is paper waste.

You know those certificates that the pet insurance company sends you for 30 days of coverage at no upfront cost for patients who've just had a physical exam? The company wants to inspire you to get off the paper (saving 2.5 million pieces-that adds up to six acres of trees-as part of its “Better World Initiative”) and switch to Trupanion Express and an online certificate available through the desktop app. A company representative says Trupanion will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation if veterinary professionals take time to hear more about the paperless program.

We “e”-everything else, so why not those certificates? This direct-email-with-the-app certificate also helps offload questions from your front-desk and exam-room teams about coverage straight to the app.

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