Pet having a seizure?! Two resources to help veterinary clients through the crisis

May 25, 2018
Katherine Donahue, DVM

Dr. Katherine Donahue is the veterinary medical director at Guardian Vets.

Have this handout handy by your veterinary clinic's phones to keep everyone calm and carrying on with the best steps to ensure your veterinary patients get the measures they need.

"My pet is having a seizure!"

This panicked reply from a veterinary client when asked, "How can I help you?" over the phone can send the front desk team members into the same distressed space as the client. To bring everyone back to calm, we've got two resources they can turn to in the moment to talk clients through what to do next and make sure the patient gets the care it needs, thanks to Guardian Vets veterinary medical director Katherine Dohanue, DVM.

First up, a clinic handout on what questions to ask a client when they call because their pet is exhibiting this upsetting neurologic upset. To download it, click here or on the handout below.

Next, let's walk through the steps to take to assess how immediately the client needs to get to the clinic and what they can do to help their pet as they make their way to your practice. To download it, click here or click on the image below.

Seize on this chance to download these two life-saving resources, and you'll help your team members, patients and clients come through what can be a tremulous situation.