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dvm360dvm360 September 2023
Volume 54
Issue 9
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A letter from our chief veterinary officer, Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, on the power of continuing education

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As the warm hues of autumn paint the landscape and the air turns crisp, the back-to-school season arrives once again. Trapper Keepers, Garfield lunch boxes, puffy stickers, and protractors were a thing for me growing up. While students of all ages gather their backpacks and sharpen their pencils, this time of year holds equal significance for veterinary professionals. It is the perfect time to embrace the spirit of learning, rekindle the passion for your profession, and elevate your veterinary practice through continuing education (CE). Although some professionals procrastinate to obtain their CE credits in December, I would like for this to be a friendly reminder that CE is constant and visible all year round.

Just as the fall season ushers in change, the field of veterinary medicine is constantly evolving. New research, innovative technologies, and advanced treatment modalities emerge regularly, reshaping the landscape of animal care. From new drug launches to advanced virtual care, we owe it to the animals to be diligent in remaining on top of these changes. To remain at the forefront of these advancements, it is crucial for veterinary professionals to commit to ongoing learning. CE is not just a requirement to maintain your licensing; it is a pathway to delivering the best possible care to your furry patients.

Imagine the impact of incorporating the latest diagnostic techniques, surgical procedures, and treatment protocols into your practice. CE allows you to do just that. By enrolling in courses that align with your areas of interest and expertise, you open doors to refining your skills and expanding your knowledge base. Whether you are a seasoned veterinarian or a fresh face in the field, these courses provide opportunities to learn from experts, exchange insights with peers, and engage in hands-on experiences that can reshape your approach to veterinary care.

Moreover, the bond between veterinary professionals and their animal patients goes beyond medical treatment. It is about understanding the psychology, behavior, and emotional well-being of the animals entrusted to your care. CE courses often delve into these aspects, enriching your ability to provide not only medical assistance but also a compassionate touch that can make all the difference in an animal’s life. And let us not forget the importance of the nonmedical courses available. From practice management to wellness courses, it is crucial we learn how to keep our practices financially healthy as well as keeping our own bodies and minds healthy.

The back-to-school season offers a unique chance to recommit to your growth as a veterinary professional. Just as students step into classrooms with a thirst for knowledge, you too can step into the world of CE with renewed enthusiasm. These courses can reignite your passion for veterinary medicine, reminding you of the profound impact you have on the lives of animals and their human companions.

The dvm360 newly branded Fetch Coastal event in Atlantic City, New Jersey—scheduled for October 9 to October 11, 2023—will have something for everyone. And for our friends on the West Coast, we will be heading to you from December 1 to December 3, 2023, in Long Beach, California, for the first time. Additionally, we have more than 100 live and on-demand webinars that will have been conducted this year via You can learn at your own pace as we know how busy life and work can be.

Participating in CE sends a powerful message to your clients. It demonstrates your dedication to staying current with industry trends and your commitment to delivering top-notch care. In an era of well-informed, discerning pet owners, highlighting your ongoing education can inspire trust and confidence in your practice.

Whether you choose to explore emerging trends in telemedicine, delve into specialized fields like exotic and avian care, or refine your surgical techniques, the options for CE are vast and tailored to your preferences. The veterinary profession is full of so many options. Learning is a lifelong journey, and the pursuit of knowledge is what keeps our profession dynamic and relevant.

As the back-to-school season arrives, let it serve as a call to action for veterinary professionals to invest in their own growth. Embrace CE not just as a means of fulfilling requirements but as a gateway to excellence in your practice. Let the changing seasons remind you that, like the leaves that transform, your knowledge and skills too can evolve, creating a more vibrant and enriching experience for you and your beloved animal patients.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful and safe school year.

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