Oops, we got it wrong


Treating disease is always more costly than preventing it. But that's not what we said in January.

A conscientious Firstline reader e-mailed us with a question about our January 2010 cover story, "Top 5 client questions answered." She wondered why we'd write, "The cost of prevention far outweighs the cost of treatment." Why'd we do it? We made a mistake, plain and simple. Treating pets is always more costly-financially, physically, and emotionally-than preventing illness. We've corrected the article online (read it here), and will run a correction in our March 2010 edition.

We're embarrassed and humbled by this error but excited that knowledgeable team members carefully read our articles. We're constantly focused on bringing you valuable, educational content, and we employ a rigorous editing process to ensure its accuracy. We'll continue to strive for perfection, all the while thanking you for your forgiveness-and feedback. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming to firstline@advanstar.com.

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