My Back Office Blunder: Shot through the ... leg? Bob gives clients a bad name


A client calls with an unbelievable tale (and zero remorse).

Back Office Blunders are true tales of unusual client encounters in the back office (and beyond). We recommend discussing this scenario at your next team meeting. Then discuss how you might handle this challenging client encounter.Say What?!?

One afternoon, I answered the following phone call ...

"Hi, this Bob Jones [name has been changed]. I'm heading right down to the clinic. I just shot my dog."


Stunned, I hung up. I went and relayed the message to our doctor who raised his eyebrows. The client in question was a difficult, cranky old fart.

Sure enough, Bob showed up with his very nice yellow lab. She had a visible gun shot wound to her back leg, which was broken. He then requested that we "get her fixed up." In the course of talking with him, he confessed that they had just moved to a new house that had a good deal of property. The dog had been chasing the neighbor's cows, so Bob shot her.

He had no remorse, no guilt. It was one of the oddest cases I'd ever helped with.

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