Letter to dvm360: Minor changes, major benefits


A reader (and veterinary practice manager) explains how small aesthetic upgrades in her hospital changed the attitudes of clients and team members for the better.

The owner of our practice has been a practicing veterinarian and practice owner for over 35 years. The practice had remained almost unchanged during this time-until last year when she surprisingly decided to do a remodel. Many of us (from team members to associate veterinarians) had suggested a remodel for many years, but she wouldn't budge.

New floors, paint, chart shelves and art, as well as a TV in the waiting area, were the major changes made to the hospital. The practice definitely looks cleaner with our new floors, livelier with our new artwork and paint, and much more organized. I believe our team members were happier than anyone since they are at work for most of their days, but our longtime clients made positive comments about the remodel too.

In the past, clients had complained to us and put reviews on social media about our “dirty” hospital. In reality it was more worn than dirty, but the aging appearance of the floors and walls gave that impression. Making these changes gave our practice a fresh look and a fresh attitude from our staff and clients. Who doesn't love being in a space that's clean, fresh and organized?

I agree with the young associate in Dr. Rosenberg's article (see “When old and new clash, change is the casualty”) and give him props for suggesting similar changes to the Doctors Harp. The old-school mentality can be challenging, but we have to remember that the Harp brothers' hearts are in the right place (i.e. saving animals), so props to the old-school doctors too.


A practice manager in California

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