Hiring secrets revealed


Try looking for team members everywhere-even if you're not the one doing the hiring.

Wedding receptions are synonymous in my mind with cheesy music and bad dancing. And I love both. So I was pretty hyped for my sister-in-law's recent post-marriage party. When the day came, I outfitted myself in a comfy pair of flip flops and was ready to cut a serious rug.

Kerry Hillard Johnson

But wait. The disc jockey wasn't playing any '80s tunes. To remedy this alarming problem, I filled the request sheet with my favorites: "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard, "Kiss" by Prince, and "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc, to name a few.

With the first sounds of a beloved hair-band song, I hit my rhythmic stride. Some might not have thought my wild gyrations were real dancing, but I know Jon Bon Jovi would've been proud.

It seems the DJ was proud, too. When the dance was over, she approached me, stuck her business card in my hand, and said, "If you'd like to earn some extra money, give me a call. I could use a high-energy person like you." After I recovered from my embarrassment—I suspected high energy meant slightly crazy—I thankfully declined. Then I started thinking about how hard it can be to find good help.

Now, I'm not insinuating that I'd be the answer to everyone's hiring woes. But I might have been just the ticket for that DJ. Based on our short encounter—and my moves—she could probably tell that I'm fairly comfortable being in front of people. (I suppose some would even call me a growler. To see what I mean, read Talking Like Cats and Dogs.)

Finding and keeping the right employees is a constant challenge—yes, even these days when the job market is tight. But if you take a cue from the DJ, it might not be quite as tough.

Try looking for new team members everywhere—even if you're not the one doing the hiring. You just might meet the perfect client care specialist at a wedding reception: She'll be the one going from guest to guest, making sure the nutty lady on the dance floor isn't bothering them.

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