Flea control: The next step


Keep the flea control conversation going year-round with these simple tips.

It’s easy during the winter months to become lax about discussing flea control and prevention with your clients, but it’s critical to keep that conversation going year round. If your practice team needs a refresher on the finer points of flea awareness, take the next step with these ideas:

1. Brush up on your Q&A. Flea control isn’t just about selling your clients a preventive. Make sure you and your staff are asking the right questions and gathering the right information from pet owners to give them the best possible flea control program.

2. Gather the troops. Fighting fleas is a battle that requires all hands on deck. Make sure your team is informed about how each product works and can give clear instructions on how to administer it to pets. And fleas aren’t the only ones who resist—clients can, too. Use our script on page 11 to role-play scenarios when pet owners say no to flea products.

3. Brag a little bit. Your clients need to know why they should buy preventives at your practice and not go with an alternative elsewhere. Use the resources in this toolkit to reclaim those product sales by selling not only flea preventives, but also your flea expertise.

4. Give clients a hand (out). Your clients might be listening to you in the exam room, but chances are they’re going to forget a lot of what you told them once they leave. Our free, downloadable client handouts—on pages 12-14—can help. Use them in the exam room to start the discussion about flea control, and let clients take them home to review the information on their own.

5. Team up with Twitter and Facebook. Tailored specifically to your clients, our pre-written tweets and posts are ready for you to just hit send. Take it a step further by encouraging clients to ask flea-related questions and start a discussion on your Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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