PetDx launches new multi-cancer screening test for dogs

OncoK9 offers new cancer-detection capabilities enabling veterinarians to provide the highest quality of care to their canine patients.

Survey sheds light on pet owners’ perspective on cancer

A survey from the Pet CancerCare Alliance provides insight into pet owners' attitudes about cancer and how likely they are to pursue treatment. (Sponsored by VCA)

Clinical case study: Radiation therapy for facial mast cell tumor in a beagle

From the clinical examination to procedure and treatment methods to the outcome, discover this beagle’s experience undergoing radiation therapy for an MCT.

New WSAVA committee to offer veterinary oncology a global boost

The association’s Oncology Working Group aims to establish clear guidelines with the goal of enhancing the quality of care provided to patients and education offered to pet owners.

3 Must-reads for veterinary oncology

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Cardiac tumors in dogs and cats

Considerations for the use of echocardiography to evaluate suspected tumors located in the heart.