The team-based approach to veterinary cancer care

When veterinarians and veterinary teams work as a cohesive team, workflow is smoother and patient and client care improves.

Top 5 ailments in senior dogs

Early detection of disease is key to maximizing an older dog’s quality of life. Teaching owners about common ailments can help these ptients get appropriate treatment sooner rather than later.

When an oncology referral isn’t in the cards

You’ve just made a cancer diagnosis and offered an oncology referral to the owner, but they won’t go. Now what?

Episode 24: Understanding the veterinary triangle of communication

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr. Adam Christman talks with veterinary oncologist Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD, about how technology has improved 3-way communication between veterinarians, oncology specialists, and clients.

Rare surgical procedures give man and dog a new lease on life

An uncommon but life-saving surgery gave a Labrador retriever and his grateful owner much more time together.

TGen launches Vidium Animal Health

Genomic based-precision medicine from the TGen subsidiary provides additional resources to assist both veterinary oncologists and pet owners in the diagnostics and treatment of canine cancer.