Pain Management

The importance of pain assessment in rehabilitation patients

A look at the causes and effects of pain, and how to assess your patients before beginning rehab.

Improving outcomes for patients in respiratory distress

Veterinary teams must be prepared to provide immediate triage and assessment for patients that are having difficulty breathing.

Episode 11: Multimodal management of canine osteoarthritis

In this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr. Michael Jaffe outlines the nonpharmaceutical measures that can—and should—be used to manage canine osteoarthritis.

Drugs and supplements: Working together to manage veterinary pain

When your patients are really hurting, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. Alleviating pain and discomfort is best achieved through a combination of modalities, including pharmaceuticals and supplements.

FDA approves generic carprofen chewable for dogs

The new drug has been proven safe and effective in relieving pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

Episode 7: Creating a new field in veterinary medicine

In this Episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine, Dr. Allen Schoen talks with Dr. Adam Christman about the evolution and continued growth of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine.