Pain Management

What we know about cannabinoid therapy is “tip of the iceberg”

An increasing understanding of endocannabinoid system function and a growing body of literature on cannabinoid therapy point toward a promising future for cannabinoids in veterinary medicine.

Opioids in veterinary medicine: Just say “no” (sometimes)

Several years of opioid shortages, legal restrictions, and bounding abuse have triggered the veterinary community to pivot to alternative medications and therapies for pain control in animals. But we haven’t gone cold turkey just yet.

Case report: Removing an intraoral tooth from a dog’s nasal cavity

Arlo, a 2-month-old intact male Siberian husky, was presented to his primary care veterinarian 1 week after being bitten on the muzzle by another dog.

Talking CBD with your veterinary clients

When pet owners ask, give them answers. And don’t worry—it’s OK to talk with your clients about cannabidiol in companion animals.

The science of veterinary pain management

Understanding the nuances of modern pain management can help you identify targeted treatments for your patients.

Episode 26: Hope for canine osteoarthritis sufferers

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, is joined by small animal surgeon and rehabilitation specialist, Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, PhD, CCRT, DACVS, DACVSMR, who discusses the rise in canine rehabilitation and her new resource for managing canine arthritis.