From periphery to perception: the pathway to pain

In explaining how a noxious stimulus in the periphery becomes an electrical impulse in the cerebral cortex, veterinary anesthesiologist Dr. Mike Barletta ultimately makes a case for multimodal pain management.

I like big blocks and I cannot lie

Practical tips for improving your pain protocols and increasing veterinary patient comfort by extending local anesthetic blocks.

The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: V is for ventilation monitoring

Monitoring ventilation is critical in dogs and cats undergoing dental procedures.

Surgery STAT: How to perform a caudal epidural in horses

Caudal epidural anesthesia allows for invasive procedures while the horse is sedated in standing position without pain or discomfort.

Is it pain or dysphoria? How to tell the difference and what to do about it

Having a thorough understanding of analgesia, pain and dysphoria is necessary to provide appropriate management interventions that will help achieve a positive outcome for your veterinary patients.

Leaky anesthesia machine? How to check the pressure systems

Ensuring that all parts of your veterinary anesthesia machine are in good working order requires both preventive care and routine maintenance. Here's how to detect leaks in your machine's pressure systems.