Eye on design: The top 10 veterinary hospital design articles of 2017

December 18, 2017

Award winners! Fear Free design tips! Boost your curb appeal! Here are the articles you couldnt miss this year.

The editors at dvm360 gathered up the most-read hospital design articles of 2017. Did you miss any of them? Jump into the countdown and get some design inspiration on the pages that follow.

 10. Ain't life grand: The 2017 Specialty Hospital of the Year

Is there anything they can't do? Surgery, radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and dermatology services now fit comfortably under one roof at Pet Emergency Clinic (PEC) & Referral Center in Spokane, Washington. Referral clinic by day, emergency clinic by night (and holidays and weekends), this veterinary hospital took home the 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition's Specialty Hospital of the Year award for their A+ efficiency.


9. Designing for top-notch patient CARE

Welcoming. Relaxing. Stress-free. These aren't usually the first words that come to mind when you think of emergency veterinary care. However, the team at Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) in Charlotte, North Carolina, was up to the challenge of rewriting the emergency clinic experience. And we'd say they succeeded, considering they took home a Merit Award in the 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition.


8. Exam rooms that shine

The relationship between veterinarian, client and patient is one of the most critical in veterinary medicine, says veterinary architect Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB, of Chapel Associates Architects in Little Rock, Arkansas. Most of that relationship is built in the exam room, which is often the farthest point the client comes into your hospital.


7. Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition announces 2017 winners

Twenty-two hospitals entered the 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition and six were chosen as winners. Here are some interesting facts from this year's contest:

> The average project total cost was $2.1 million.

> There were nine renovations and 13 new construction projects.

> There were 15 freestanding buildings and seven leasehold spaces.


6. Pardon our mess-veterinary team at work

When opportunity called, Andrew Reyda, DVM, didn't hesitate.

“Our neighbor told us she was moving and asked if we wanted to buy her property,” hospital owner Reyda says. “We did, and it was actually that quick and simple.”

Just like that, his team started plans to build the new and improved Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg in Hamburg, New York. And then, just like that, they were named a 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition Merit Award Winner-after years of hard work, of course.


5. 5 tips from award-winning veterinary hospital owners

Need some veterinary hospital design inspiration and ideas? Here are five quick ideas and words of wisdom to use now or bank for your dream hospital in the future.


4. 3 steps to increase curb appeal for your veterinary practice

Would someone driving past your handsome practice building stop to bring in a beloved family member? Would a current client give up on you and find another veterinarian because it looks like you just don't care about how old and dumpy your practice looks? In 2017 we launched a totally free, three-step program to boost your veterinary hospital's curb appeal-and attract new clients. You can still sign up, get the emails and get to work!


3. 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design People's Choice Award winner: Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital & Resort

The people have spoken!

Voters on dvm360.com chose Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital & Resort in Garner, North Carolina, as the 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition People's Choice Award winner from the entire pool of 2017 entries.


2. 'I've never been a fan of forcing pets'

Lower-stress care and Fear Free design permeate this solo practice owner's dream project.

"I made the decision to build 23 years into my career, and I'm looking ahead to practice another 23 years," says Vicki Petsche, DVM. "I'm so happy that I did it and in a Fear Free fashion. The staff is happier, pets and owners are happier; I feel very rewarded."


1. The 2017 General Practice Hospital of the Year: Let the sunshine in

What do you get when a second-generation veterinarian marries a landscape architect and they decide to build their very own veterinary hospital from the ground up? A 2017 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition General Practice Hospital of the Year, that's what!

Lura Jones, DVM, owner of McGregor Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, and her husband, Matthew Horton, are the dream team behind this stunning two-story small-animal hospital that complements-and doesn't compete with-its surroundings in Fort Myers, Florida.