Ethos Veterinary Health CEO named one of the "21 Women to Watch in 2021"

April 30, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Meredith Caggiano is a woman to mind for her astounding display of female leadership and entrepreneurship.

The Center for Women and Wealth recently named Meredith Caggiano, CPA, CEO of Ethos Veterinary Health, as one of the 21 Women to Watch in 2021—a title awarded to women who have made monumental strides in their field and display prominent leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

According to the release, Caggiano brings her strategic financial leadership to various areas of the business by working with the executive management team to establish long-range strategies, plans, and financial policies along with preserving the company's financial integrity and curtailing threats.

Additionally, she incorporates her firsthand exposure in overseeing organizations through change initiatives, business ramps, growth capital investments, and organizational changes.

When asked about the biggest lesson learned in 2020, Caggiano says demonstrating flexibility and agility in problem solving and prioritizing team members helped cultivate best-in-class customer service and patient care at Ethos.

“Our staff was stretched beyond what they thought they were capable of in 2020. However, because they felt valued and prioritized by leadership, they kept caring for patients and clients by continuing to deliver best-in-class medicine during a time of great uncertainty,” says Caggiano in the release.

"With a large majority of our staff being women, not only was there a need to be flexible at work, but they needed to have flexibility at home. We had to be nimble in how we deployed new safety procedures and operating workflows and, more importantly, ensure we were showing them the gratitude and recognition that they all deserved. I’ve always said that regardless of the organization, the employees are the biggest asset, but 2020 helped to re-emphasize that point within Ethos.”

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