The dvm360 guide to 360 employee reviews

November 10, 2017

OK, so we know you're probably already dreading completing your employee reviews for your veterinary practice. Here, we explain how to simplify this processand offer more effective reviews that help team members achieve your core values.

Business cat would like to help you with your employee review process.

What difference can one person make? We know the answer in the workplace: A lot. And 360-degree reviews offer a more comprehensive view of each individual employee's impact on their coworkers and supervisors.

When you combine multiple perspectives you can identify themes and recurring feedback to discuss with team members. And when employees can recognize that a development suggestion isn't only coming from the manager, but from multiple other team members, it adds value to the feedback and demonstrates the need for growth. And it's more likely to lead to real change.

As a manager, it also creates a more fluid conversation with employees when you must discuss sometimes difficult feedback. Employees are often more receptive when you can reference specific information from the 360 review. And they're more likely to trust your feedback and your growth plan.

360 reviews also uncover hidden talents and strengths, as managers don't always see the positive actions the employee takes on the floor. This can serve as a great motivator and can be encouraging for team members to hear. 

Here, we present a starting guide to help you master the 360-degree review process. Below, you'll find the tools you need to get started. 


A 360 review of 360 employee reviews

Before you dive into your next round of reviews, consider how 360 reviews can benefit your veterinary practice-and improve your team's focus and morale.



How not to tank your 360 employee reviews

When you try this innovative approach to employee feedback, make sure you're not about to make big mistakes.



Sample 360 review form

Need help getting started? Try these sample employee and manager forms to launch 360 reviews in your practice. 


4 ways to ADD value to employee evaluations-360 reviews or not!

Don't put off the tough-but rewarding-task of talking shop with veterinary team members.



Employee evaluation: Is it worth the effort?

Have you taken time to give team members meaningful feedback about the work they do for you? Do you invest time in really reviewing their work, and then schedule time to meet with them to discuss their strengths and weaknesses? I have one more question: Do your employees know how they fit into your organization?