Dr. Andy Rollo says: DR saves time and money


Andrew Rollo, DVM, is a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member and an associate at Madison Veterinary Hospital in Michigan that upgraded to digital radiography in December 2012.

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A traditional radiograph took Dr. Rollo ~10 to 15 minutes:

>Took image, returned patient to holding area

>Developed film

>Tracked down DVM

>DVM made diagnosis

>Patient returned to exam room


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Time lost in retakes

> Veterinarian finds image is not diagnositic

>Team member retrieves patient for another x-ray

>Again get patient in position-recruit additional team members for restraint if necessary

>Take and develop one or more additional images

>Veterinarian reads multiple x-rays for diagnosis

>Patient returned to exam room


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Money gained in compliance

Go to dvm360.com/drproductguide to learn more about upgrading to digital radiography.

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