Author | Julie Scheidegger

Julie Scheidegger


Flint water crisis threatens residents and their pets

Michigan state veterinarian provides information, resources to pet owners concerned about the effects of lead-tainted water on their animals.

Ultrasonography is sexy, but dont rule out abdominal radiography

If ultrasonography is the hot guy you met online, abdominal radiography is your adorable high school sweetheart. Metaphors aside, Dr. Anthony Pease says abdominal radiographs are a rapid, readily available method to give a valuable overview of the abdomen.

Vetcetera: Embrace Dr. Google?

You know your clients are going to the web for information on their pets. So help them by providing guidance and useful accompanying tools.

Googled: How veterinary clients use Internet info

The AAHA State of the Industry Report says while many clients who search the Internet for pet health answers will bring it to the exam room, a small percentage will act independently in ways that impact pet health.