Contemporary concepts in veterinary practice management (Proceedings)


Are you as good as you think you are, or better?

I. Professional Espionage—Are you as good as you think you are, or better?

A) Let your staff find out

B) New ideas are brought into the hospital

C) Reinforces the fact that you are doing a good job

II. Getting Back To Basics

A) New Client Form

B) Pre-Exam Check List

C) Three Tier Reminder System

D) Puppy and Kitten Biographies

III. Goal Planning For You and Your Practice

A) Requirements for Effective Goal Planning

B) Develop A Written Goal Plan

C) Specific Goal Planning For Your Practice

D) Utilizing A Goal Planner

IV. Advanced Personnel Management Techniques

A) Develop A "Ten" Staff

1. Stop trying to "fix" people

2. Pay your "ten" staff a salary they deserve

3. Employee incentive program

a. Based on:

i. Performance

ii. Increase of gross

b. Employee evaluation forms

c. Employee incentive formula

4. Employee total compensation statement

5. Let your staff know they are "tens"

a. Positive reinforcement

b. Staff appreciation party

V. Compensation of Associate Veterinarians

A) Salary

B) Production

C) Pro-Sal Formula

VI. Keeping Your Health Care Team Informed

A) Evaluations

B) Scoreboarding

VII. Increase Your Per Client Transaction

A) Market Another Product or Service

B) Passive Marketing

VIII. Target Marketing

A) Pet Dental Health

B) Geriatric Wellness Month

IX. Convert Your Telephone Shoppers to Clients

A) Send an informational handout to a prospective client

B) Develop a hospital brochure or folder to educate clients about your practice

X. True Test of Management

A) How well does your hospital run when you are not there?

B) Have you planned for your future and the future of your practice?

XI. How to be an Effective Veterinary Practice Manager

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