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Companies team up to offer in-home pet travel services

dvm360dvm360 October 2023
Volume 54
Issue 10
Pages: 29

Streamline process for pet owners who need documentation to traveling internationally

As more and more people continue to adopt pets, consequently, there also seems to be an increase in pets who tag along on expeditions with their pet owners. According to The Roanoke Times, a survey revealed that 78% of Americans who have pets travel with them each year.1

SnowElf / stock.adobe.com

SnowElf / stock.adobe.com

To address this and help streamline the process of obtaining the required International Health Certificates for traveling abroad with pets, GlobalVetLink (GVL), a company focusing on software productivity solutions for veterinary compliance, and BetterVet, a veterinary company providing telemedicine services and at-home care, have joined forces. BetterVet mobile veterinarians are leveraging the GVL Compliance Assistant Pet TravelPass feature to automate the creation of USDA-required documentation for pet travel. BetterVet and GVL will even provide online appointment scheduling for the necessary veterinary checkup, which will occur in the pet's home.2

"BetterVet is thrilled to partner with GlobalVetLink. They are the leader in simplifying domestic and international travel certificates, and this platform will be an excellent tool for our mobile veterinarians," expressed Bruce Herzfelder, co-founder and CEO at BetterVet.2 "Our mission is to deliver the best veterinary healthcare experience for pets, pet parents, and our care providers, and adding the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant to the tools in our veterinarian's toolkit is another way we're doing that."

GVL Compliance Assistant, an all-inclusive platform simplifying certificate creation and record keeping for veterinarians, powers the GVL Pet TravelPass, which BetterVet mobile veterinarians use to complete the documentation needed for international pet travel. This tool boosts productivity and decreases errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements for more accurate, compliant animal health and movement documents.2

"We are excited to partner with BetterVet as they continue to revolutionize veterinary care by providing telemedicine services and comprehensive at-home veterinary care," added Gary Ambrosino, CEO at GlobalVetLink.2 "In a world of more pets and fewer veterinarians, BetterVet streamlines animal health care delivery for both veterinarians and pet owners. This partnership is a big step forward for veterinary care delivery and a delivery method that will become commonplace over the next few years as we expand our partnership with BetterVet."

What’s more, GlobalVetLink also offers FlyWithMyPet.com, a resource for pet owners that details the requirements for taking pets on an international trip.


  1. Survey reveals America’s love for pets is evident in travel habits. The Roanoke Times. February 3, 2021. Updated February 5, 2021. Accessed August 23, 2023. https://roanoke.com/lifestyles/pets/survey-reveals-america-s-love-for-pets-is-evident-in-travel-habits/article_2ab96268-ab38-5ea7-87c5-75ea5224d75c.html
  2. BetterVet and GlobalVetLink partner for in-home pet travel services. News release. August 23, 2023. Accessed August 23, 2023. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bettervet-and-globalvetlink-partner-for-in-home-pet-travel-services-301907611.html
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