BizQuiz: Are you the bully at work?


Are you the bully at work? Take this quiz to find out if you need to make a change in your professional behaviors at your veterinary practice.

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1) Someone is being teased at work. You are likely to:

A: Not join in on the teasing, but have a laugh or two

B: Be the one doing the teasing

C: Interrupt and stop the behavior

D: Make a joke or two yourself

2) A new employee joins the team. On her first day you:

A: Show her around, if she asks

B: Make sure she knows who's in charge here

C: Invite her to lunch to make her feel at home

D: Razz her a bit to break her into the group

3) A coworker makes a mistake. You:

A: Act irritated, but don’t get involved

B: Openly call out the team member in front of the staff

C: Help the team member understand how to fix the problem and not repeat the mistake

D: Tell your other coworkers how incompetent the team member is

4) A team member presents an issue to you. Your response is to:

A: Not help with the problem—it’s not your deal

B: Go on the defensive and retaliate

C: See how to rectify the situation

D: Blow off the issue as unimportant

5) You are trained on new equipment at work. You:

A: Do not make an effort to teach others

B: Make sure no one else learns how to do it

C: Try to share your new knowledge with the team

D: Avoid being asked to teach others

6) You have a heart-to-heart with a teammate when she is upset. Later on you:

A: Listen, but make no effort to help (look, we’ve all got issues)

B: Go complain to higher management that she is having problems

C: Think about how she's doing

D: Joke on her or gossip about the issue to fellow teammates

7) You are interested in graduating to a supervisory position. You:

A: Only acknowledge others’ achievements when the boss isn’t around

B: Point out others’ shortcomings to improve your status

C: Work hard and prepare the best you can

D: Never acknowledge others’ achievements

8) During staff meetings, you:

A: Stay quiet when others are being overly critical of a teammate

B: Pick apart the team

C: Acknowledge areas for improvement as a team but make sure not to call any individuals out

D: Make sure to call out the specific teammate to blame

9) A coworker is out of work due to an illness. You:

A: Don’t help pick up the slack, but try to make sure your boss sees how much this has hurt the company

B: Openly complain about how much stress this put on the team

C: Send flowers and try to help the person who's sick and the team as much as possible

D: Find subtle ways to push the coworker out of the group while she is gone; make her feel like an outsider

10) A coworker receives a promotion. You:

A: Do not acknowledge the achievement

B: Tell them the company must have really just needed to fill the position

C: Congratulate your coworker. Praise the teammate for his or her hard work

D: Gossip to others saying the teammate was undeserving

Add up your responses.

If you answered mostly "As," click here.

If you answered mostly "Bs," click here.

If you answered mostly "Cs," click here.

If you answered mostly "Ds," click here.

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