Oriana D. Scislowicz, LVT, PHR

Oriana Scislowicz, LVT, PHR, was a veterinary practice manager for many years before becoming senior HR specialist at Pharmaceutical Product Development.


New managers: 6 tips for a great start

Have you been promoted to veterinary practice manager? Once upon a time, I was in your shoes too. Here’s what I learned along the way that might help you as you step into your new role.

When the hospital owner undermines your leadership

If the hospital owner constantly discredits the guidance you provide to your veterinary team, having that uncomfortable conversation with him or her about how their behavior makes you feel could help set things straight.

Im always messing this up! Does your veterinary team suffer from non-stop self-blame?

We live in a hypercritical society. And veterinary professionals are usually first in line to blame themselves for all kinds of things, mistakes or not. But If youre so busy reassuring your veterinary clinic employees that youre negating performance issues entirely, you need these tips.

How to deal with a demanding boss

Veterinary practice is hard enough without an impatient, demanding yeller in your life. Here are steps to change your thinking, to try to change a boss behavior and maybe to get out, if you can.