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6 most annoying team members


Do any of these troublesome team members work at your practice?

Who you work with may impact your job satisfaction as much as your day-to-day duties, suggests a recent survey conducted by staffing firm Randstad USA. All respondents fingered pesky employees when asked about their biggest office pet peeves. Meet the top six offenders, and arm yourself with some advice on how to handle them-and how to avoid becoming one of them.

1. Meet Gabby

True to her name, Gabby likes to talk. Unfortunately it's usually about other people. She loses friends and respect by spreading rumors around the office. (Click here for advice on how to stop gossip.)

2. Meet Dirty Dan

Dan continuously fouls up communal spaces. He lets filthy dishes sit in the sink and leaves leftovers in the fridge until they resemble science experiments. (Click here for ideas on how to motivate team members to keep the practice clean.)

3. Meet Leisurely Leslie

Always late-to work, to team meetings, for deadlines-Leslie has no sense of time management. (Click here to learn how to nip tardiness in the bud.)

4. Meet Smelly Nelly

For whatever reason, Nelly douses herself in perfume every day. The strong smell wrecks your concentration-and your appetite. (Click here for tips on how to talk about personal hygiene problems.)

5. Meet Squawker Sam

Sam has two settings: loud and louder. Whether shouting good morning or stomping down the hallway, you can't miss him. (Click here to hear how one team turned down the volume on a loudmouthed doctor.)

6. Meet Fidgety Fran

Not on the same level as Squawker Sam, Fran interrupts your day by incessantly shuffling papers, tapping fingernails, or cracking knuckles. (Click here to learn how to make body language work for, not against, you.)

Do you recognize any of these personalities at your practice? If not, count your blessings. If so, look on the bright side. Your mutual frustration with these duds will bring you closer with less annoying co-workers. But be careful that your bonding sessions don't turn into a bashing session. You wouldn't want to be labeled as a gossiper.

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