The dvm360 vaccines toolkit

Vaccines can sometimes be a prickly topic with pet owners. Use this collection of tools to train your team and educate veterinary clients about your practice's vaccination protocol and the important role vaccines play in the health of our beloved pets. (With an educational grant provided by Elanco)

What you don't know about heartworm treatment

You've got the fundamentals of heartworm disease down, with a good grasp of the diagnostics, but treatment can be tricky. Here are the tactics recommended by veterinary experts, plus less extensive and less expensive alternatives.

The dvm360 toolkit: Otitis

Stop shaking your head and plugging your ears ... use these tools to take the aggravation out of your otitis casesand get used to seeing healthy ears, happy pets and grateful clients. (With an educational grant provided by Bayer)

'Lemme tell ya': A client convo on parasites

Are you nailing the jargon-free, informative conversation about parasite preventives, parasite-related disease and the options to buy preventives in stores and online? Don't miss a chance to offer veterinary clients the reasons to buy the stuff from your hospital or internet pharmacy.

The dvm360 heartworm prevention toolkit

This toolkit delivers team training, free client handouts, exam room education strategies and more, all designed to make it as easy as possible for veterinarians and their teams to discuss heartworm disease with clients and promote year-round prevention in dogs and cats. (With an educational grant provided by Zoetis)

Social Media Trends to Embrace in 2019

These 3 trends are not new, but they should be an essential part of your 2019 social media strategy.