The dvm360 toolkit: Otitis management

June 1, 2017

Hate otitis? We hear you. Use these tools to get better client compliance for your team's otitis recommendations, plus the latest from our ear disease experts.

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Is there anything more aggravating than seeing the same ear problems, over and over, and saying the same things to your clients, over and over, with no end in sight? 

And then, you add in the fact that those ear appointments don't always go according to plan. Things like a pet's anxiety can throw things for a major tailspin. 

Communication about otitis, its treatment and its ongoing management is something you probably talk about quite a bit. Which is why we're here to help. Stop shaking your head and plugging your ears ... use these tools to take the aggravation out of your otitis cases-and get used to seeing healthy ears, happy pets and grateful clients. 

Start here! 

> Do you or your team members need a refresher on the basics? Here are 5 tips to tackle otitis externa

> Use these tips to deal with the "ugh"s and "why"s of chronic otitis

>Pain, otitis and anxiety can make for a tough combination in your patients. Read on for tips and tricks worth listening to

Cytologies and more

> Are you interested in cutaneous cytology but unsure of how best to collect samples? You're in luck! Read on for this practical guide to get you swabbing ears and tail folds in no time

> Use your eyes to detect lies about ears: Here's how to involve clients, set expectations and rock the recheck

Data on how your peers treat otitis

> We look at what's going on between your ears when it comes to otitis management

Fab client-education handouts

> Fight ear infection fiction

> Tell your clients what you're going to ask them: The ear disease edition

Tips for techs

> Ear detectives: To get to the bottom of a tough otitis presentation in a patient, it's time for technicians to perform a little sleuthing

Plus! How to stop the perpetual otitis resurgence

More otitis tools...

> Otitis externa management: You could be doing it wrong.

From "that smell" to potential ear hematomas and ablations, otitis externa can be a clinical challenge for any veterinary practitioner to manage. Wayne Rosenkrantz, DVM, DACVD, answers some of the most common questions about his approach to the management of this odorous condition.

> Tips to keep otitis from being a total pain the ear? Sounds good.

Ear infections totally suck (and, um, stink, while we're at it). Get clients on board with better care, and together you'll make otitis ear-relevant. (Sorry. Had to.)

> Just Ask the Expert: How do you manage ceruminous otitis in cats?

Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Paul Bloom tackles this reader question.


Client handouts

> What to know about otitis externa

> How to handle hearing loss in dogs

Pictorial guide

> Listen up! Low-stress ear cleaning

We're all ears to hear this five-step lower stress approach to cleaning a pet's ears in veterinary practice.

Expert audio clips from Dr. Paul Bloom

> Dogs are liars: Tips on what to do even when the client swears the dog isn't showing clinical signs of otitis.

> We're undertreating ears and it's (partly) our fault: A few ways you can get better at rechecks.

> Ear problems make you wanna shoot yourself: An impromptu script on talking to clients about ear issues.

> Quit plucking that hair: This is why. 

Last but not least!

> 5 takeaway tips for veterinary teams managing nasty ear cases.