California bill proposes to open veterinary cannabis conversations

SB 627 would allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis and related products with clients without fear of sanctions.

New York becomes first state to ban declaws

If Gov. Cuomo signs the bill passed by the state Assembly, New York will impose a civil penalty of $1,000 on people who perform onychectomies, partial or complete phalangectomies, or tendonectomies on cats without a therapeutic purpose.

Use them well: Task force created to help practices better utilize veterinary technicians

While the Veterinary Nurse Initiative continues to pursue a title change for veterinary technicians, the AVMA focuses on utilizing technicians in practice.

Will the government forgive your veterinary student loan debt?

A primer on Public Service Loan Forgiveness from the AVMA Econ team.

Nebraska Legislature considering tax on veterinary services

Governor holds press conference at VCA hospital in Omaha objecting to proposed bill.

U.S. House bill would make animal cruelty a federal offense

Florida lawmakers hope to close loophole making videosbut not torturea national felony.