Veterinarians are not obligated to perform euthanasia

A practice owner who decided to refer all clients to Lap of Love finds that doing so has benefits for both his clients and his practice.

Diagnosis and management of GI motility disorders

Gastrointestinal motility disorders are a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for many practitioners. Here’s how to narrow down the affected area so you can identify the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

Disuse muscle atrophy inhibited by nutritional supplement

The supplement Fortetropin has been shown to curb muscle atrophy associated with postoperative exercise restriction in dogs following surgical repair of cruciate tears.

Surgery STAT: Performing open surgical liver biopsy

A guide for general practitioners in performing hepatic guillotine and punch biopsy techniques.

Thoughts from a small animal surgical nurse

There are a million things to keep track of in this fast-paced position—all while keeping your patients alive and comfortable.

Vet-to-Vet: Getting Consistent Outcomes with Laser Therapy Just Got Easier

Technological advances continue to make treatment of many conditions in veterinary medicine more effective and efficient, and laser therapy is no exception. Sponsored by Companion Animal Health