Analyzing serologic calling cards of inflammatory bowel disease

Identifying IBD is often a challenge, but the recent discovery of serum-based markers for canine IBD may make diagnosing this disease in dogs quicker, cheaper and less invasive.

Feline diarrhea: Let the diagnostic clues flow

Causes of feline diarrhea range from simple infection to cancer. By characterizing the diarrhea and running simple tests, the practitioner can identify the pathology and stop the mess.

Surgery STAT: Performing open surgical liver biopsy

A guide for general practitioners in performing hepatic guillotine and punch biopsy techniques.

When things go wrong in the feline pancreas

Subtle, nonspecific clinical signs coupled with no identifiable trigger make pancreatic disease an elusive diagnosis.

First diagnostic test for canine IBD coming soon

The noninvasive and cost-effective tool will help veterinarians identify the cause of canine chronic enteropathy and monitor a dog’s response to treatment over time.

Drug-resistant Campylobacter outbreak linked to puppies from pet stores

The CDC advises puppy owners to take precautions, including taking new pets to a veterinarian.