3 Must-reads for gastrointestinal management

Check out these 3 articles for insight on diagnosing and managing chronic GI diseases.

Diagnosis and management of IBD in dogs and cats

Because a gastrointestinal biopsy is not always feasible, obtaining a presumptive diagnosis after ruling out all other possibilities will guide your treatment recommendations. Sponsored by VetriScience.

Fecal testing made easy, fast, clean, and accurate

Introducing leading-edge fecal flotation technology that can elevate your practice’s diagnostic capabilities, bringing expert clinical results to general practitioners. Sponsored by Zoetis.

Gastrointestinal motility disorders caused by esophageal disease

Esophageal diseases are an important cause of dysmotility and regurgitation in dogs and cats. Here’s what you should know about these disorders.

Veterinary abdominal radiography tips

Radiography is an integral diagnostic tool in companion animal practice. Here are brief guidelines for obtaining the most useful images of the abdomen in dogs and cats.

First diagnostic test for canine IBD now available

Antech’s novel blood test allows veterinarians to rule in or rule out IBD early and with confidence in dogs suffering from associated clinical signs.