Julie K. Byron, DVM, MS, DACVIM


Nutritional management of urolithiasis in dogs and cats

Explore the crucial role nutrition plays in treating this frustrating condition and how to determine which diet is best for your patients (Sponsored by The Blue Buffalo Co.).

John Martin, DVM


Setting a fair holiday boarding price

Is it reasonable to charge a holiday surcharge for boarding pets? Hotels charge more during holidays. I want to be fair to my clients, but I also want my clients to be fair to us!

Kerstin Althoff, CVT


Offer clients free dental kits

Clients and patients win big when they undergo dental cleanings at Animal Hospital of Seminole in Seminole, Fla.

William D. Schall, DVM, DACVIM


Diabetes mellitus (Proceedings)

Type I diabetes is characterized by lack of insulin production by the pancreatic beta cells of the islets of Langerhans.

Amy R. Marder, VMD, DACVB


CVC Highlights: Interactive play: Essential for pets and people

Like food and shelter, animals need play. When taking histories from clients during routine examinations or visits regarding their pets’ behavior problems, remember to ask clients whether they play with their pets.

Kevin G. Keegan, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS


The most sensitive method of detecting and evaluating hind limb lameness in horses (Proceedings)

Lameness is a clinical sign. Detecting lameness and evaluating its amplitude is important to equine veterinary practice.

Allan J. Weingarten, DVM


Image Quiz: Chronically pruritic and odoriferous ears in a basset hound (Sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health)

A young, adult basset hound presents to you for evaluation of chronic recurrent ear pruritus and a strong "musty" odor. Which of these diagnostic tests would be most useful initially?

Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM


You CAN change a cat's diet

A little trick plus lots of patience equals success.

Patty Khuly, DVM, MBA


How associates can ride out the recession

You're an integral part of your practice's finances, whether you own the practice or not.

Micaela Schaughnessy, VMD


Finding generational middle ground

What a brand-new, young associate might say to her Baby Boomer employer and vice-versa.

Claire R. Sharp, DVM, BSc, BVMS, DACVECC


Managing pulmonary fibrosis in dogs (Proceedings)

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) is an interstitial lung disease (ILD) that involves gradual replacement of the lung parenchyma with fibrotic tissue, resulting in diffusion impairment.

Melody Mann Fox, CPA


Books and record keeping for dummies (Proceedings)

Accurate and complete financial recordkeeping is important to any hospital owner, but is also important to those who work with the veterinarian. People both inside and outside the hospital all depend on the accurate recording of financial transactions.

Kyle Palmer, CVT


An ever-changing profession

For most members of the veterinary industry, it’s clear that evolution unrelated to medicine is moving at the speed of light.

Daniel D. Smeak, DVM, DACVS


Practical Matters: Radiography helps confirm complete radiopaque calculi removal

Cystotomy is commonly performed in small-animal practice to remove cystic calculi that cannot be treated medically or with other nonsurgical extraction techniques (urohydropropulsion, catheter or basket removal). Unfortunately, if numerous smaller calculi are present in the bladder and urethra, particularly in male dogs, the risk of leaving calculi after cystotomy can be as high as 15% to 20%.

Mary K. Klein, DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVR (radiation oncology)


Canine mast cell disease: introducing tyrosine-kinase inhibitors to their treatment plan (Proceedings)

Mast cell tumors are the most commonly encountered malignant skin tumor in the dog. They account for 16-21% of all cutaneous tumors and boxers, Boston terriers, Labrador retrievers, beagles and schnauzers are documented to be at increased risk. Alterations in the c-kit receptor (receptor for growth factor SCF) are noted in many high grade tumors. Histologic grade is highly predictive of behavior.

Bonnie Lutz, Esq.


I've been sued. Now what?

Your Medical Career and financial stability flash before your eyes. A gut-wrenching feeling takes hold. This is it; you've been hit with a malpractice lawsuit.

Richard Glew, MD


Bacterial resistance to antimicrobials: From the Golden Age to the Bronze Age of antibiotic use

It used to be that physicians could select almost any one of several antibiotics to use empirically in treating an infection in a patient-even in a critically ill patient-and stand a great chance of having selected an effective therapy. But that Golden Age of antibiotic use is over.

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