Laurie Anne Walden, DVM, ELS

Dr. Walden received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from North Carolina State University. She is a practicing veterinarian and a certified editor in the life sciences (ELS). She owns Walden Medical Writing, LLC, and writes and edits materials for healthcare professionals and the general public.


Optimal veterinary care for feline trauma patients

When cats present for emergency care, the veterinary team must consider not only the patients treatment needs but also its stress level. Heres a primer from a veterinary technician specialist.

Recognizing and treating shock in cats

Shock in cats is relatively easy to identify, and timely treatment is key to a successful outcome.

Unblock that cat, STAT!

The ins and outs of treating urinary obstruction in your feline veterinary patients.

Environmental enrichment: the key to ameliorating Pandora syndrome

Successful long-term management of Pandora syndrome involves treating the cat, the environment and, last but not least, the client.